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Hi there! I'm a 22 year recent college grad from Minnesota. I graduated with a double major in business management and communication studies. I will be spending the next 27 months working as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mali (located in West Africa). I love being around people, and chatting it up, socializing and such! I work at Structure where I help to ensure that the guys that come in are well dressed! At Gustavus I was super involved, and I plan to continue my volunteer involvement throughout my life. If by some miracle I have internet access readily available in Africa I plan to post updates on this page.

My best friend, Alyssa, and I have also posted a list of rules (or suggestions) for guys who wish to date us.... Of course bear in mind that they are JUST A JOKE, and we wrote them over 6 years ago, things have changed a bit..... Our Rules . We're planning on having an updated version eventually.

Pictures from my summer abroad 2002 are posted now:

Denmark Russia Sweden
DIS students Berlin Amsterdam & Belgium

Pictures from my January 2001 trip to Scandinavia are also posted.

I also have a bunch of somewhat older pics posted!

For all of you pre-teens, visit my guy page, for lots of rather outdated pics of hot guys!

Check out these hunnies!

This pic is of my rush class for my sorority! How cute do we all look?!

Here are me and some of my girls at Gustavus from freshman year! Aren't we a group of sexy babes! From left to right: Heidi, Audra, Me, Katie, Liz and Jenifer.

This is me and my very best friend Alyssa at the Grind coffee shop in Mankato. We're watching our good buds Jake and Matt (see hot guy page) play at open mic night! November 1999

Pre-Party time! Just chilling with the girls. Me,Erika and Liz live it up! January 2000

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A great way to make someone's day!

You can send Virtual Presents too.

Hi Alyssa, Panda, Ria Belle, Marnie, Becca, Jonas, Nick, Calle, Mathias, All the girls of Theta Xi Gamma, Jakey, Jonah, Jessica, Andy, Liz, Jen, Kelly,Tim, Shaina, Rachel, David, Jason, Lan, Noukou, Matts (all of you), Mikes (all of you), Luke (a special thank you for spending your precious time scanning a bunch of my pics) :) Lana, Kira, Erika, Jessie and everyone else at Gustavus!!!!! I love you guys! I miss all of ya! (::[]::) If you have any tips for me PLEASE e-mail me!

1996 *E-mail Me, and put a big smile on my face*

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