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Warren & Jean enjoy:
O-Gauge model railroading, riding real full sized restored trains throughout the United States and Canada.

We travel to scenic parts of the U.S. and Canada. Our domain is the backroads in our 4 wheel drive vehicle. Sometimes that can be very adventurous! Many days pass where there are no humans, only animals...all day! No freeways, no traffic, no smog! Clean air, small towns, and a friendly, slower way of life!p>

Jean has keratoconus, a corneal eye disease. Her condition is further complicated, because of topical erosions of the corneas (very rare), dry eye, and floppy eyelids. This affects the shape of her corneas, which are shaped like footballs (should be shaped like basketballs). This is painful and makes her light sensitive. She wears weighted rgp's (rigid, gas permeable contact lenses) for as many hours as she can tolerate each day to SEE . There are no glasses that correct her; when she can't wear the contact lenses; her vision is very distorted. The lenses force the corneal back into their proper shapes.

The only alternative is corneal transplants, which most people have with severe kc. However, each eye would have a one year recovery with limited activities, and no guarantees of success. However, in Jean's case, she is allergic to the anit-rejection drug...and most likely will not be able to have transplants.

There is an internet support link for this disease that Jean moderates at egroups that currently has 210 members from all over the world.

Email, if you need more info about this corneal disease.

UPDATE: May 2003...Since January, Jean is trying the new MACrolens in her right eye only, with great success. Longer wearing time and less pain. Her left eye is blind due to hydrop episode, which is edema of the cornea til it bursts apart. It is patched and vision is cloudy. We are waiting to see if it will clear.

Jean is also a Real Estate Broker. She has been in Real Estate since 1977 and operates her own office. Warren was recently licensed also to assist Jean. Together we are licensed and work in California.

November 17th, was our 23rd WEDDING ANNIVERSARY.

We also sell on YAHOO internet auctions. They are fantastic and Yahoo has a wonderful auction site! Take a look!

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