Some new before-and-after photos
Updated June 15, 2004
I was never crazy about this color, so I really wanted to get rid of it...and that carpet too!
At first, I wanted to paint the livingroom a light tan color, but I also wanted it to be golden in color, so I settled on this color. I kept saying that it wasn't "peach", so I have decided to call it a "light terracotta." ;)) As you can see, that crappy carpet is still there, but we wanted to paint first before we put any kind of new flooring in so not to ruin it. The room will look better once it is all decorated and I take a photo with daylight.
I was happy with the color, but I wanted my own look to it.
Here is the bathroom after I have personalized it. I still have a few things that I would like to add to it.
This bathroom was so boring before...except for the color. It is bright yellow with a sponge-like effect. And since this would be the girls' bathroom, I wanted to do something fun for them...

Spongebob! I still have to get a few more things for in here as well. The girls really like it.

Gwen trying to catch butterflies  
Purple flowers  
The butterflies that Gwen was trying to catch. We have so many in our yard.  
Some kind of plant...have no clue what it is! Any ideas?  
The yard in front of our house with trees and the driveway leading down to the street.  
One of the many violet patches in the yard.  
Gwen and Rachel somewhere in our woods.  
Gwen and Rachel in the woods.