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Uh, what?
...Just to say that since my Table html programming is kinda lame don't expect my tables to look right under all Browser types.. IE has a weirld column thingy I have noticed.. I'll do it right, eventually. :)
Hey all, sorry I haven't updated at all this year but I will knock something up for you all very very soon. Until then you can find me here as Glubbo.

As you can see below, there are some areas I wanted this site to have, and yet I have not added them in. I will add them soon enough, but I can't see why you'd really be interested, they're mainly for my idle web creation time. *shrug*
Below you will find some stuff I was planning on making. My new site might include this stuff... I just dunno.. :)
Stuff to see. Nexus Character's background story, called "Gamma Outpost."
My Webchat (Nexus) Characters. - Captain Niac (My primary Nexus character);
- Lieutenant Melet (Young Cardassian Starfleet Officer);
- Cadet Alex Harbaugh (In Starfleet Academy); and
- That weird little Doctor Gruffy Gummy (A Nexus handle) fellow.
My other sites.(Not on line yet.) - Screenshot sites (Quake, Quake 2, Rainbow 6, Half-Life, etc.)
- My workplace alias Website and some more of me IRL.
My recommended sites.(Not online yet.) - Star Trek;
- Star Wars;
- Upcoming Movies news sites;
- My Fave sports sites; and
- Other sites I must hit every day.

To contact me, drop an email to me right here.[Inserting usual copyright jargon here] You know the way it works. Don't plagarise. If you're copying, link it back to here and email me to say you're doing it, and where. That's not too much to ask, you know. I'd do the same if I was using your cool html or pics or written stuff, honestly..

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