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Please be warned...I am too lazy to learn much HTML..or to re-learn it in order to this may look very amateurish, sloppy, and boring. (Shrug) Enjoy what you can and please forgive the mistakes. ;)

~~ Who am I??? ~~~

Pawz is a lady....
With over half a century of years accumulated (Wow, sounds like forever stated that way!) I try to act dignified, but often fail. :)
My motto is: Live, Love, Laugh and be Happy!!!
I live in the midwest USA, in Indiana...a state that is too hot in the summer, too cold in the the perfect days are gems to be enjoyed!

Interests that will expanded upon as I struggle with this page...

IRC..Great place to chat and make friends!

I seem to live on the

And spend most of my time in:

#mIRC'ngAround - Lighthearted fun with mIRC!

#New2mIRC - The best newby mIRC help channel on IRC!!!

And, of course, the best way to roam IRC is with:

Horses...little girls often have an obsession with horses...but some of us never grow out of it. I ride hunters and jumpers for pleasure, drive a horse and carriage for income.

Click the running horses and come see!

Reading...Let's talk favorite authors, titles, and subjects.
I may get into this subject...and then again...maybe not.

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