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***** UPDATED NEWS (12/23/2008) *****
The former website location hosted at became too costly to continue to maintain while simply becoming a jumping-off point for my writing work.  HOWEVER, effective today (12/23/2008), I have relaunched
Clubhouse Connection at the website link provided (click on the image above) ... or just click here.
I am excited to share the (hopefully) new and improved effort with you there ... particularly since I don't do much with this page AND because I am very limited for data transfer with a "free" site like Geocities.  I am using Yahoo! Hosting, though, so the linking between sites should be relatively seemless.
As before, here are direct links to my journal / writing efforts:
Ramblings of a Reds Fan: MLB Journal
Rentz Racing Report: NASCAR News and Views
Ramblings of Rentz: Sports Journal (, where I post as liberty76

The Ramblings of Rentz


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