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Access to news that doesn't make the news, history we weren't taught in school, action alerts w/ letters - all to promote taking knowledgeable responsibility about these vital issues as participatory citizens (strongly emphasized at these *=* sites).

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End the Occupation

US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation: We aim to change those US policies that both sustain Israel's 37 year occupation of the Palestinain West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, and deny equal rights to all. petition: Hold Israel Accountable to the US Arms Export Control Act






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Ali Ersheid
Arthur Goldschmidt, Jr. - A Concise History of the Middle East. Chpt. 8. Islamic Civilization
Ayeda Ayed's Page
Dr. Baker Abdel Munem
Daoud Kuttab's Home Page *=*
Dr. Jihad! (Jeremiah D. McAuliffe, Jr., Ph.D.)
Elias Davidsson - homepage *=*
Hisham Al-Zoubeir - HARBINGER COLUMN
Rania Masri - The Human Impact on the Environment in Lebanon
Jamal's Home Page
Khaled's home page - (8th grade) *=*
Mahmoud Dweib
Maytham's Home Page
Mohammad Nabulsi
Muna Hamzeh
Nicholas Heer's Home Page
Omar's Homepage
Ray Hanania World Wide Web Page
Safad's Homepage
Stephen Sizer
Wael M. Ahmed's Homepage
Wzzz Homepage

*Some of the websites will be intermittently accessible or not accessible at all because of the 2nd Intifada (the most recent very active series of attacks - 4 years as of 29 September 2004 - of Israel's illegal occupation and declared war on Palestine ). Mirrored sites (located away from the immediate danger of attacks by Israel) will be provide as they become available.

This page is dedicated to obligating my nation (U.S.of A.) to ACTUALLY be an Honest Broker in the Middle East, and to advocating the policy choices which demonstrate that it is.
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