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My interests include mathematics, fractals, cryptography, squash, and aikido. These web pages mainly are about fractal and mathematical art.

I prefer PGP encrypted mail, but I've shut down my GeoCities email,, because of too much spam.
Send instead to user .
My PGP public key is here.

15-Jan-04 - I'm still alive, therefore Yahoo won't delete my web site, right? Seeing what happened to, I'm not so sure. I'm glad I merely mirror my local copy to Geocities rather than keeping it there.

2-Dec-01 - Right now I'm not sure I still have access to my private key for that PGP public key, so don't use PGP until further notice.

Proposal for data hazard warning symbol

I have a proposal for a warning symbol for data hazards. You know, data (in the most general sense, so that programs are also data) which could be very destructive, like computer viruses, trojan programs, and worm programs. I have here PostScript, and two GIF images, large and small. To see the PostScript text click here. For all you techies, here's a tar archive proving that I thought of this on or before 26/8/97. For details, follow this link to Stamper. This proposal is in the public domain, all I ask is that you do not claim to have thought of it before I did. Unless, of course, you actually did.

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