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Welcome to my web page here in beautiful Golden, Colorado, home of my favorite two breweries, Coors Brewing Company, and Golden City Brewery (no, I don't work for either, just enjoy their beers!). I am very happily married to Kirsten (the most understanding woman in the world!), no children, but have 3 cats (Amber, Kitty and Tigger)(plus 2 others in the house, Tom and Rascal) and a psycho dog (Sasha, my dirty white dog, pictured there on the right) to keep me company! I am a USAF Veteran, musician in the 101st Army Band, Colorado Army National Guard, and a proud member of Lion's Club International, right here in Golden.

Other associations of mine include the Denver Musician's Association, Local 20-623, AFM, AFL-CIO, the American Legion, and the ARSC (Association for Recorded Sound Collectors). I also play America's original sport, vintage base ball (played by 1872 rules and in authentic costume!). It is base ball as it was meant to be played, so watch for "Bugler" Christensen in a town near you!

New! Click here to learn more about our vintage base ball games!

I am a Micrographics Archivist at the Colorado State Archives, responsible for quality control and research involving microfilm, microfiche and related materials. I have a BS in Sound Recording and Reinforcement (a music degree) and a Masters of Humanities (MH) in social history, media technology. If you are a publisher, I have a thesis on Conductor Dr. Antonia Brico to show you!

I am also professional musician, enjoying dixieland jazz and classical music. Currently, I play tenor banjo and washboard with The Rocky Mountain Banjos and Company, a very fun ensemble as well as performing on trumpet with other ensembles. I also play in my church and act as a mobile recording engineer (via my own company, DWD Productions)for everything from small ensembles to large symphony orchestras!

My favorite ensemble is the 101st Army Dixieland Band, a nine piece group that I took to the Sacramento Jazz Festival in 2000! To hear yours truly singing Cab Calloway's immortal Minnie the Moocher, click here! This is a real media file so you will need Real Player to hear it.

My numerous hobbies include: Music of all kinds (both playing and listening), Historical Research, Audio engineering (especially my work restoring turn-of-the-century recordings), Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (I've been playing since 1976), PBeM and PBW Games, historic research, antique phonographs, beer brewing (which keeps both me and my friends happy!), vintage base ball, travel, computers, and meeting new people both on the web and in real life.

Here are other places I spend too much of my time at on the web:

University of Colorado at Denver (my Alma Mater)

Audio Engineering Society Home Page

Colorado Vintage Base Ball Association [CVBBA] dedicated to early recorded sound!

ARSC (Association for Recorded Sound Collectors)

If you want to know more about me and my life- please visit these additional pages on my web site:

My Dixieland Jazz Page- your guide to trad jazz in Denver as well as links to jazz on the web!

My Fantasy Page- where I live my fictional fantasy gaming lives!

My RPGA page- home of my favorite convention settings and characters!

My vintage base ball page, home of America's original game!

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