Tafuna High School Warriors
United States Army Junior ROTC

1SG Siaosi Asalele, Senior Army Instructor
MSG Fesili Bryant, SSG Mose Mata'utia, & SSG Salatielu, Instructors

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Welcome to the Tafuna High School Warriors JROTC online. If you are interested in the JROTC program of THS, then this is where it all begins. Browse through the sections to familiarize yourself with our program and, should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 699-1839 and speak directly to one of our highly qualified instructors.

Mission: "To motivate young people to become better citizens."

Junior ROTC - The Army's Service to America
Junior ROTC is an elective high school course taught by military personnel at selected private and public high schools in the United States and its territories. It is also taught abroad though the Department of Defense Dependents School System, which primarily serves the dependents of military personnel stationed overseas.

Focus: Its focus is on developing young people and orienting them positively in preparation for whatever role in life they might choose.

Motivate and Develop Young People
To motivate and develop young people is the goal of Junior ROTC. To accomplish this goal, it combines classroom instruction and extracurricular activities oriented on attaining an awareness of the rights, responsibilities, and privileges of citizenship; developing the student's (Cadet's) sense of personal responsibility; building life skills; and providing leadership opportunities.


In September 1984, a new JROTC Battalion was formed at Tafuna High School and was known as the Rainbow Battalion. It has a distinction of being the third unit to be established on Tutuila Island. Tafuna having just begun two years prior had only two-grade level, but in time, jrotc and the school grew together.The program was firmly established with the help of the faculty, community, and the founder of the jrotc in American Samoa, Major Alvino Cortez, and it was soon on it way to making history.The first battalion commander was C/PFC Togafau with 100 cadets in the battalion.Under the able leadership of then Principal Claire Tuia Poumele, the unit flourished. Two years later, Tafuna High School changed its name from Rainbow to Warriors, so Tafuna became the Warriors Battalion.Thus far, the warriors have participated in many parades, formal inspections, inauguration, honor guards,flag day celebrations,and numerous activities. Looking back at the Warriors history, many cadets have completed the program with satisfaction and a new perspective onlife.Today under the guidance of Director of secondary education Mrs.Juliette Tufa,Director of Army Instructor Major Mauga,SAI 1SGT Asalele, MSG Bryant, and SFC Matautia, the warriors battalion is organized into two battalion making it a task force within the American Samoa multible units. The task force is compromised of 241 cadets and is commanded by C/COL Parker daryl.

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