I love to ski. We like Lake Tahoe, nothing wrong with skiing and gambling! We are skiing at Park City, again great snow, we'll be back at the Sundance Film Festival! Now it's back to Vermont. Jackson Hole was a great place too! Can't wait to get back there. We are still shooting for Taos, some day.
I enjoy country music, here in the New York City area, we don't have a country channel. In Weehawken I use my mp3 player for country music. I guess that's why I like to travel, to hear music on the radio! It seems that what we REALLY need is a MAJOR station in New York City. If only the industry cared enough to help out. If an NYC channel places outside the top ten, but in the top twenty, it is still a heavily listened to station.  I'm lucky, my second home is in Hopatcong NJ. I get to relax in the country, away from the insanity that city life brings. I can't wait to retire! We got our Searay Sun Deck, country music, most beautiful lake in New Jersey, it doesn't get any better than this!
We missed Jamboree in the Hills 06 . If you like country music, you gotta go. It books up real fast, better start calling places early!nbsp; Check it out, USE THE LINK TO SEE WHAT'S UP NEXT YEAR!
I guess I should say something about myself. I work for the Board of Education in Weehawken, I'm lucky (I said that already) I love my job. It's what I love to do, Rich Fericy once told me, "There are no problems, only opportunties." I've learned a great deal here, and have been able to use it to help my district. I work with, and for a great bunch of people. ENOUGH OF THIS I SOUND FULL OF...myself.
Let's not forget Ft. Lauderdale!!!
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I used to own a bar, it was called GENNARO'S. My wife Lisa managed the place for me, she's sells realestate, she used to be a drug and alcohol counselor, I've often kidded her about keeping us in business. If you would like to buy or want to sell a property in or around the Weehawken area, you can E-mail Lisa Rovito of Sky Line Reality. You can also call them at 201.863.6090. They're the best, with the hottest properties around. You have never seen New York City, until you've seen it from Weehawken, New Jersey!
I forward along a joke list, it's pretty funny, sometimes it's a little long, but you don't have to read them all.  If you want on it, drop me an E-mail. Please remember, some of them can be dirty or racial, so if this offends you don't ask to be added.
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