Page made by: Melissa Alexander, daughter of Huey and Karen

                     Huey and Karen Navarre
                                  with our oldest grandson Brett!

                         Hello and welcome to our place on the web!
                         We are from South Louisiana. My parents have
                          been married now 38years,(it will be 39in August)
                         They have 4 children and 8 grandchildren.
                       We hope you enjoy our webstie.


                   If any has seen our pages before we were
                          looking for this man! He has been found!
                      Praise the Lord!

                             Then 1960's                                             Now 2000's

                               After 6 years of internet searching we found
                                                 Joseph "Billy" Navarre (Joe)
                        My dad was excited to talk with his brother after
                         years of not seeing him.  My dad will get to see
                          his brother in 12 days. Also on the 4th of July we
                        we will have  family reuion, We are all excited 
                         about it. Check back for new pictures in about 3

                   Family Picture

                          Our family at Christmas 2000.


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